5 Summer Activities for You & Your Dog + $25 Pup-Peroni Giveaway

IMG_0086During the summer, it can be difficult to get out with our pets here in South Florida. It’s so hot and humid that we tend to stay indoors most of the time unless we are in the pool. I’ve been told that using a cooling mat is a different way to keep your dog cool if you don’t have a pool so it’s worth checking that option. However, Sophie has so much energy that she needs to spend or else she goes nuts in the house. We try to keep her as active as possible while keeping her cool at the same time. I have to say as well, my lawn was suffering a little with Sophie running mayhem around the yard, but with companies like Trugreen VA that offer spectacular lawncare services across the United States, my lawn suffers no more and is looking more healthy than ever!


Our favorite times to play are mid-morning, before it gets too hot and just as the sun is setting. By splitting up our playtime’s, we get to beat the heat quite a bit. I always keep water available for Sophie and of course, Pup-Peroni treats! Her favorites are Pup-Peroni Prime Rib Flavor and the Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor. Pup-Peroni products are made with real meat, great taste and a tempting aroma that really gets Sophie excited!

Today, I’ll be sharing 5 of our favorite summer activities with you. Read on to see how you can beef up your summer with a Pup-Peroni Giveaway and up to $300 in prizes. —-> ENTER HERE!

And, don’t forget to enter the additional giveaway below for your chance to win $25 in Pay Pal cash. Lot’s of fun stuff in this post!!!

FetchPlay Fetch

This classic activity is sure enough to wear your pup out. Sophie can usually go about a half hour before shes tired out and ready to come inside. You could even get an automatic fetch machine as a lazy way to play fetch with your dog. It’s much easier for the owner and your dog will definitely still enjoy it.

IMG_1406Play with a Friend

Meet Cooper! He is the reason we have Sophie. He showed us just how amazing Boxers were as a family pet. He is a few years older than Sophie, but he can definitely keep up with her! They usually play in the evenings together, just as the sun is going down. They love each other so much.

IMG_0083Blow Bubbles

We usually have a lot of rainy days during the summer afternoons. On those days, Sophie and I sit on the back patio together and play. I blow bubbles for her and she jumps up to catch them and chase them down all along the patio. While she may not be getting her full play time, it still helps with letting out some of her energy.

PoolGo Swimming

Thursdays are usually our swim days. The pool guy comes on Friday so Thursday is a free-for-all for Sophie and Cooper. They are such water babies!! Our pool is open all summer, wanna play?

ridingGo for a Ride

When all else fails and the heat gets to be too much, I usually take Sophie for a ride. She really enjoys sticking her head out of the window a bit and getting some fresh air. Sometimes, the fresh air in your face and wind in your hair is all you need.

Now, who’s ready for a giveaway?

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I hope you get to enjoy these summer activities with your pup! Which one are you looking forward to most?



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    This sounds so fun! I am going to keep these ideas in mind for my little Z. They just opened a dog park here too so might have to stop by there.

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