5 Thanksgiving Books for Kids

As a parent, I often times find it difficult to explain things in a way my children will completely understand. Holiday’s are one of those times for some reason. I can explain the historical aspects, but not so well on a child’s level of understanding, if that makes sense. I tend to look for books that can help with this. Between the wording and the pictures, I find that it seems to click for them. I’m just so glad that the authors decided to focus on the layout of the books, as well as carefully selecting their font so that it is more acceptable to a younger audience. Book Layout, I find, is very important in a book, and could greatly affect its success if it’s not done right. Luckily, these books that I’ve found don’t have this problem and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

Thanksgiving is about more than just eating, but try to explain that to a 3 year old boy! Bunbun more/less understands now. My little guy however, just wants to eat everything on the table!

Here are our five favorite Thanksgiving books for children.
Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland

This book offers a bit of Thanksgiving history, but mostly about giving thanks and being thankful. It helps with the understanding that you can also be thankful for the things in your everyday life, such as family, friends, teachers and even your pets!

The Story of the Pilgrims by Katharine Ross

The Story of the Pilgrims does a fantastic job of telling about the first settlers in America. It explains history on a simple level and helps children understand the real meaning behind Thanksgiving and that we should be thankful for the things we have.

Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes
Thanks for thanksgiving is a story through a child eyes. He watches his family prepare for the day and plays through all the moments with his family while they share family traditions. The book has a great flow with thanks for various things in everyday life which is simple, yet heartwarming.
The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing

When you don’t live close to family, this book makes you wish you did! I love how the book follows a traditional American Family Thanksgiving celebration, including all of the events and preparation leading up to dinner. It reminds me of when I was a child and how we got up in the morning to watch the big parade, welcoming our family, playing with cousins, saying grace and eating as a family. This book just warms my heart.

Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson

The Bear books are one of my favorite series. I absolutely love the stories and illustrations throughout and my littles always enjoy the story. In this particular book, Bear is all alone in his cave and misses his friends. He then decides to make a feast he can share with his friends. The perfect way to say thanks!
I am so thankful for all of you! From my home to yours, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving children’s books?