Kiwi Crate FREE Trial Kit – Pom Pom Pets

I recently ordered a free trial for Kiwi Crate and I think I may have been more excited about it than Bunbun! I didn’t expect it to arrive so soon, but when it did, she went nuts and wanted to get to the project right away!!!

Kiwi Crate is a subscription box for kids that sends crafts to your home each month. They have various boxes for all different ages, so there is something for everyone. Even teenagers! Pricing is as low as $12.95 a month + free shipping!

I ordered the free trial to see what it was about and the Kiwi Crate we received was called “my pom pom pets.” It came with a project book, explore! magazine for kids, and all of the materials we would need to complete the project.

Bunbun loves crafting! That definitely comes from my side of the family. We all love to craft and my cousins are amazing artists, so anything I can find that will foster that love, is something I am interested in. We had to help Bunbun complete her pom pom pets, but the help was minimal. She was able to do a good portion of it unassisted.

Her Pom Pom Pet came out so cute and we really loved how much she enjoyed doing it. It was great spending some one-on-one time with her as well, so I think it is safe to say that we will be continuing our subscription!

Another thing I really love about Kiwi Crate is that they have a sibling add-on. So, if I wanted to include my little guy in the fun, I could pay an additional $9.95 for each box which would include materials for him as well to create the project with her. However, since he is not in the same age group as the kit Bunbun receives, I probably wouldn’t opt for it at this time.

If you are interested in receiving the free trial, visit Kiwi Crate to sign up! You only pay $3.95 for shipping and can cancel at any time, online. No need to wait on the phone or be too embarrassed to cancel.

You can also subscribe using code TKWLCM25 to receive 25% off your first month!

*Please note that the free trial box is just a sample sized/packed box. The box you will receive on a monthly basis for your subscription will be larger.



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