National Dog Day with BarkBox

I received this product from BarkBox in exchange for an honest review. However, all opinions and views are my own and I have not been compensated for this post.

It’s National Dog Day and I rewarded Sophie with her very first BarkBox! BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs that includes lots of goodies for your fur baby, tailored to his/her size. Each box usually includes treats, a chew and a toy. Each month, Bark Box chooses toys, healthy treats, and toys that are sure to keep your pup entertained. Should you want to entertain your dog more frequently than once a month, you may also want to look at the likes of different DogeToys toy review articles so you’re able to keep up to date with everything new that your dog could enjoy around the home, garden or on a walk. You can have a little look at the treat selection as different treats can be more suitable for different dogs. For example, if your dog is a border collie/pitbull mix, a more meaty treat would be suitable rather than a corn based treat (source).

The boxes depend on the size of your dog and since Sophie is over 50lbs., she received the Big & Bold box. Each BarkBox is $29 a month, or $19 a month with a 12 month subscription. You can also add an additional premium toy for an additional $9 per box.

Each box comes with an info card detailing the items inside, along with re-order information just in case your dog loves something special. This month, we received 5 items:

  • Butchers Block ($3): A beef chew that is hand trimmed and slow roasted. Sophie must’ve smelled this through the box because she was on my tail from the moment I brought it in the door! Once I finally gave it to her, she gobbled it up in less than an hour. Must’ve been pretty yummy!
  • Treat Planet Chicken Pot Pie ($9): Soft and scrumptious Chicken Pot Pie Little Bitz. These treats are great and definitely bite sized. Perfect for training!
  • Chicken Hickory Jerky Chews: ($10): Tender hickory chews; grain free and no corn, wheat or soy. These must be Sophie’s favorite because she went nuts when I gave one to her. And since she and most boxers have sensitive stomachs, the grain free, no corn, wheat or soy is definitely a plus.
  • Coke Can ($11): Sustainable, non-toxic, biodegradable and USA made. This toy is durable and designed to be filled with peanut butter, kibble or other treats. Sophie enjoyed hers this afternoon with a yummy mix of peanut butter and the chicken pot pie treats. It kept her very busy and I may try using that as a distraction when we have company over so she doesn’t get too rambuctious.
  • Large Hot Dog ($11): Organic character plush/rope toy. Carried all over the house today, I think this may be her new best friend for the next few weeks….or until she figures out how to tear it up and remove the squeaky toy (her favorite thing to do)!
Please Note: Values listed above are noted from the info card.

The total for all of the items above, if purchased individually would normally cost $44, but with a BarkBox subscription, you save at least $15! And of course even more if you sign up for the 12 month subscription.
If I had to choose, I’d say her two favorite things are the Hot Dog and the Coke Can. She has been walking around with either one of those in her mouth at all times today and seems to have really taken a liking to them. She is surely a happy girl for this years National Dog Day and we can’t wait for next months box to arrive! Considering it is National Dogs Day, I want to note that there may be a few excitable dogs around, some may get a little too excited and accidentally take a nip at your hand. However, this definitely is not the dogs fault and the owner should take full responsibility and keep the dog on a lead, so if you or anyone you know of has ever suffered or is suffering from a dog bite, you’ll want to get in contact with a law firm and a Personal Injury Lawyer Springfield IL (or somewhere more local to you) as soon as you can. On a more positive note, embrace National Dog Day and treat your little four legged friend!

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