Minion Popsicles

Assemble the Minions!!! They’re coming and we can’t wait any longer!

Stuart, Kevin, and Bob are back and this time they are being recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a villain and her inventor husband Herb, who are plotting to take over the world.

So, in celebration of their very own silver screen premiere, why not keep cool this summer with my Minion Popsicles? 
CAUTION: Minion Popsicles may cause HAPPINESS!
Minion Popsicles

  • Tropical Citrus Vitamin Water (or any yellow fruit juice)
  • Grape Powerade (or any dark colored fruit juice)
  • Food Coloring (green & blue)
  • Banana
  • Chocolate Chips
  1. Fill the lower portion of your popsicle mold with yellow juice.
  2. Freeze about 30-60 mins (be careful not to freeze completely).
  3. Measure the space between your mold so the banana will fit snug and slice.
  4. Cut or shave the top/point of two chocolate chips and press into the center of the banana on each side (putting a whole chocolate chip will cause the banana to split).
  5. Gently press banana down into the mold and slightly into your yellow juice.
  6. Freeze for 60-90 mins.
  7. In a cup; mix some of your purple juice, with one drop of green and blue food coloring to make a black liquid.
  8. Gently pour a bit of the black juice to create a band for your Minion goggles, leaving a small portion of the banana uncovered.
  9. Freeze until solid (adding the next layer prior to a complete freeze can cause the food coloring to run).
  10. Fill the remainder of your mold with yellow juice.
  11. Freeze until solid.
  12. Enjoy!

Tip: Run your molds under warm water for approx. 20-30 seconds to release your popsicles from the mold without any hassle.


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