Perler Bead Bowl Craft

Perler Beads. Most of us have them. They only bother me when I step on a straggler every now and again. Otherwise, they have been pretty good to me. If I need to get something done or need a few minutes of peace and quiet, I whip out the Perler Beads. They allow my little ones to be creative and create their own masterpieces. I am always amazed at their concentration level every single time!

This craft is so simple that anyone can pretty much make it. We have buckets of Perler Beads (yes, buckets) and they’re fairly inexpensive so this is something you can do time and time again, without breaking the bank.

These bowels are great for the child who likes to nest and collect small items. Bunbun loves legos, so it would definitely work great for the extra pieces we constantly find around the house.

All you need is an oven-safe bowl, Perler Beads, cooking spray and your oven.

Preheat your oven to 350° and spray the inside of your bowl lightly with cooking spray. This will allow the beads to stick to the sides during preparation and while in the oven. Carefully, drop a handful of perler beads inside your bowl and gently push the beads around so that they cover the bottom of the bowl and up along the sides. Be sure to leave a small gap so your beads don’t melt over the sides. Place your bowl into the oven.

After about 10-15 minutes, you’ll notice that the beads are starting to get soft and melt. At about 25-30 minutes your bowl should be melted and can be removed from the oven. The bowl will be extremely hot, so please use caution.

Grab a spoon and gently press around the bowl to fill any gaps. The beads are still soft out of the oven so they should be fairly easy to mold if you don’t wait too long.

Allow your new bowl to cool completely before removing (about 30 mins.) and wash with a bit of soap and water to remove any cooking spray.

These bowls are so much fun to make and can be made with so many different color coordinations. The possibilities are endless! Allow your little ones to choose their own colors, make patterns and stretch their imaginations with this easy, fun craft!


  1. Lucille says

    Love this, can’t wait for the grandkids to come over for a day of crafting play!!!!!

  2. Dana says

    Awesome craft work. Looking forward to creating this with my son. A great way to get him into making his own art. Thank you

  3. Denise says

    What hazardous fumes are emitted while plastic beads AND bowl are heated in the oven??
    I would think that this bowl could not be used for food items after being heated. The craft itself is cool but I’m a bit sceptical of fumes emitted

  4. Carol Hargrave says

    I’ve never heard of Perler beads before! Can you tell me where to find them?

    • Jessica says

      Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by. You can find Perler Beads online at or at your local craft store. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Wal-Mart may carry them as well. Good luck!

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